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Welcome to visit the Center's STAR site (events, publications and discussions on nuclear disarmament related issues)

Pentagon's New Nuclear Policy, - in Russian, (by Eugene Miasnikov, January 22, 2002)

No Breakthrough on Strategic Reductions at the Summit, (by Eugene Miasnikov, November 15, 2001)

The fire may be serious, but there is no reason for concern, (by Pavel Podvig, May 10, 2001)

Does Radar in Norway Violate ABM Treaty Provisions?,- in Russian, (by Pavel Podvig, April 27, 2000)

On Modification Of the ABM Treaty, in Russian, (by Pavel Podvig, October 4, 1999.)

Myths And Facts About "Smart" Bombs And Missiles, - in Russian, (by Eugene Miasnikov, July 21, 1999)

On Submarine Accidents, - in Russian, (by Eugene Miasnikov, April 8, 1999)

On Irresponsibility, - in Russian, (by Anatoli Diakov and Pavel Podvig, March 24, 1999)

On Current Status of the Russian Early Warning System, -in Russian, (by Pavel Podvig, February 18, 1999)

Russia's Answer to U.S. NMD Deployment, (by Pavel Podvig, February 13, 1999)

How Much Does Weapon Grade Uranium Cost? -in Russian, (by Anatoli Diakov, November 25, 1998)

Collision of Two U.S. Nuclear Powered Submarines on March 19, 1998, (by Eugene Miasnikov, April 8, 1998). See also answers to frequently asked questions (updated March 11, 1999)

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