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2S19 Msta-S SP howitzer Designed to defeat unsheltered and covered manpower, weapons and war materiel of the enemy to division (army) mission depth. 
The self-propelled howitzer is made as a typical turreted mount and based on a newly developed chassis, with assemblies and members unified with main tanks. 
The ammunition and gun loading, laying and retargeting processes are highly mechanized. 
To minimize gas content during sustained firing, the weapon is separated from the crew by means of a jacket wherefrom fired cases are ejected automatically. 
The howitzer is provided with an autonomous gas-turbine auxiliary power unit. 


2S19 Msta-S SP howirzer

 The 2S19 is based on a full tracked MBT chassis with the driver at the front, fully enclosed turret in the center and powerpack at the rear and in many respects is similar to the French 155-mm GCT self-propelled artillery system based on an AMX-30 MBT chassis. The hull and turret is of all-welded steel armor construction which provides protection from small arms fire, shell splinters and mines. The 2S19 self-propelled artillery system is based on the chassis of the T-80 MBT but with automotive components of the T-72 MBT as the 2S19 has a distinct exhaust outlet on the left side that is not on the T-80 which is powered by a gas-turbine engine. Mounted under the nose of the vehicle, in a similar manner to that of the T-72/T-80 MBT's, is a dozer blade that can be used to prepare fire positions or clear obstacles. The suspension is of the torsion bar type with six road wheels, idler at the front, drive sprocket at the rear and track-return rollers with the upper part of the track being covered by a skirt. The vehicle commander is seated on the right and operates the roof-mounted 12.7-mm machine gun that can be operated by remote-control and the searchlight. The 12.7-mm machine gun can be used to engage both ground and air targets. Mounted externally on the right side of the turret are boxes of 12.7-mm machine gun ammunition for ready use. Main armament comprises a long-barreled 152-mm gun fitted with a fume extractor and a muzzle brake. When the 2S19 is traveling the ordnance is held in position by a traveling lock mounted on the glacis plate. The 152-mm gun fires an HE-FRAG (high explosive fragmentation) projectile to a maximum range of 24700 m, although using an extended-range projectile its range is probably 36000 m. Other types of projectile can also be fired including illuminating, incendiary, smoke and tactical nuclear. Automation of the loading process enables a maximum rate of fire of 8 rds/min to be achieved using onboard ammunition and 6 to 7 rds/min using projectiles and charges from the ground. This selects and then places the fused projectile into the breech with the charges being loaded semi-automatically. In addition to selecting the projectile from the magazine, the automatic loading mechanism controls the number of rounds to be fired and has built-in test equipment. Laying in elevation is automatic with laying in traverse being semi-automatic. A total of 50 projectiles and charges is carried. Spades are not required on the 2S19 as it is very stable when in the firing position. If required the 2S19 can be reloaded through the turret rear while the system is firing. This enables the system to move off to its next fire position with a full load of ammunition on board. Three smoke dischargers are mounted either side of the turret. A 16 kW autonomous gas-turbine auxiliary power unit (APU) is provided in the turret and this provides power within 30 to 60 seconds of being switched on. This allows the system to be fully operational at temperatures ranging from -50 to +50C with the main diesel engine being switched off to conserve fuel supplies. Standard equipment includes an NBC system and night vision equipment for the driver. 

Max firing range, km:  
HEF projectile  
HEF gas-assisted projectile 
Min firing range, km  6.5 
Rate of fire, rds/min
Elevation, deg 68
Depression, deg -4
Traverse, deg 360  15
Fire pattern:  
in range, Epr/Xmax  
in deflection, Epd, m 
HEF projectile weight, kg 43.56 
Onboard ammunition load, rds  50
Mount weight, t  42.5 
Crew, men 
Msta Projection

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  Military Parade JSC, 1997.

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